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Prenatal Massage    --    Labor Support    --    Post Partum     --    Cesarian    --    High Risk & Bed Rest

Getting a massage throughout your pregnancy
can have many benefits many similar to regular massage, but since many ailments arise just due to pregnancy massage for these conditions is often an overlooked and wonderful option. Plus, it is great for the husband and other family members as well as it improves mood, and allows the mother to be pampered by someone outside the family unit giving the family to get a break and breath of fresh air. Everyone gets some me time improving relations all around.

Prenatal massage:

    Benefits of massage include:
Labor Support:
     Getting massage services during labor has led to the following results:
In general the mother has more satisfaction with birth experience, and experience less pain in labor.

Six weeks Post Partum:
    Better relations with husbands
    Higher incidence of breast feeding
    Fewer infant illnesses

    Benefits of post partum massage include:
High Risk and Bed Rest:

    With your doctors approval and guidance, massage can be of extra benefit when needed most.