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Amazing HandsTherapeutic Massage

Swedish * Deep Tissue * Reflexology * Prenatal/Pregnancy * Trigger Point Therapy * Myofascial Release * Stretching * Accupressure * Hot Stone *
Infant * Chair Massage * Sports * Rehabilitation * Pain Reduction * Fibromialgia * Onsite/Outcall(*)*
Available in the Bay Area, San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland (Other Areas May Be available upon request)

Massage Prices -- New Orleans -- Hotels -- Outcall -- Specials -- In Studio           Standard Pricing -- Specials & Discounts -- Outcalls 

Standard Pricing

(Description & Room Time)
Single session
Additional sessions -- Make it a party
Invite a friend, partner or two ove and save!
(First Session)
90 Minute $150 $90
60 Minute $130 $70
30 Minute $110 $45
Chair/Partial Body (Call) (Call for Pricing)
Special Events  -- (Call for Pricing)
    Same day evening appointments add $20 if you call after 4 pm


  • Please call for information on specials
  • First Time Coupon
  • Referral Bonus
  • Multiple visit and Group discounts
  • Students, Teachers, Artists / Performers & Service Industry
    $10 off each half hour i.e. $10/20/30
  • Hardship: Everyone should have access to massage.
    Call and apply for reduced rates i.e. elderly, injured, displaced, etc.
    (Note if approved Availability may be limited)
  • Trades
  • Promoters, Musicians, and other artists
  • Birthday
  • Priceline name your price biding: Everyone should be able to get a massage. From time to time an opening may exist, and a discounted massage may be available. Send in an email stating your price & availability, and wait for a call.
Specials typically have various restrictions and may not always be available.
Specials must be requested when scheduling

Service Description

Note: Each session is customized based on your needs and goals. For instance, If you have a back problem I can work on the back the whole hour.
  • Outcall start time -- is a rough start time and depends on travel conditions. Please allow a 15 minute leway time. If I have not arrived on time feel free to call and verify the therapist is not having trouble finding your location. If it is imperative that you start and end at a certain time let your therapist know when you schedule
  • Clinical Hour: Most sessions are based on a clinical hour. This means that the clinition/room is reserved for a certain amount of time, and your session including cleanup, disrobing & redressing is done within this hour. Generally 5 minutes at the beginning and end is used for this purpose. How close I push the time depends on how quickly you dress, how much you have tipped previously, and what problems I find to work on. Coming early does not increase your time unless you pay for it. Coming late shortens your time.
  • 90 Minute - I generally work the whole body. The additional time allows me to do additional stretching (glutes, back of the thighs, neck), massage the front of the thighs and the abdomen, and use a more relaxed pace allowing a more thorough job throughout the rest of the session. Typical Hands on time is 75-85+ Minutes
  • 60 Minute - In an hour session I touch most areas of the body 3 times. Often I retouch the back, glutes, neck and arms during each quarter hour. Spending more time on problem areas. A typical time line is about 1/2 an hour on the back/neck, 1/4 hour on the legs & glutes, and 1/4 hour on the arms, neck, head. I generally stretch the shoulders, ankles/calfs, and front of the thigh. Typical Hands on time is 50-60 Minutes.  
  • 30 Minute - On an outcall 30 minute, you get a full 30 minute massage I generally do not recommend a 30 minute session. Great if you have a limited amount of time
  • Chair/Partial Body - These are custom sessions generally clothed, possibly topless for men (women can wear a tank top/sports bra). These offer short term spot fixes until you can schedule a full session. They are typically harder on the therapist as they must work through clothes, and at an odd angle. Typical things addressed: Arms, Hands, Shoulders, Neck, Jaw, Sinuses, Feet, Etc. Perfect for the workplace, sporting event, conference, sales event, or other special event.  Typical hands on time 5-20 Minutes per person.
  • Special Event - Special event sessions are a great promotional item, team booster, stress reducer, productivity booster, etc. I can come in for your office events, sales events, convention/conference, concert, sporting event, etc. Various packages are available. Special promotions may be available.  Times available are 5 minutes to 5+ hours. 
  • Outcall - Outcalls are sessions completed at a location other the the studio. I.E. your home, your office, your hotel, an event, park, etc. This can be done on a table, chair, or your own equipment. My table requires a 6x9 area to setup i.e. at the foot of the bed; between the tv and couch; etc. Please allow 15 minutes buffer from start time for parking and setup.
  • Studio - Studio is a session done at my location in a fully equipped for massage complete with music, and other amenities (hot stones, alternative oils-oil, sports cream, foot care, etc., a bottle of water is also typically available) My studio is uptown 5 blocks from Broadway and Claiborne. No Walk-in's, address given when you schedule.
  • Studio2 - I can rent a studio at a hotel on Canal St. 2 hours of parking is included. No specials available. Prices 30/60/90 = $50/80/115
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